“Pristene® is an amazing supplement for healthy tear support. Combining high quality omega 3’s from algal oil along with maqui berry put it in a class of its own.”

Dr. Sam Multack
President of Laser and Cataract Institute

Macutene® Protect

60 Vegan Capsules

Macutene® Protect is an eye health supplement that supports optimal macular and retinal health using ultra-premium ingredients based on multiple scientific studies.


60 Vegan Softgels

Pristene® is scientifically formulated to support tear production with ultra-premium ingredients.

Why Eyecheck products are just better

Eyecheck is committed to making the best eye supplements on the planet. We create ocuceuticals -- ultra-premium dietary supplements meant to support visual health -- by carefully selecting ultra-premium ingredients at optimal levels using careful product design. We incorporate rigorous third-party testing and have a commitment to the highest levels of manufacturing for our products. We also use technology to help improve the partnership between you and your eyecare provider.

The bottom line is that we create products that our own families take.

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